Thursday, May 29, 2008

2008 Mason Dixon 20-20

This Rally occurred this weekend from 4:45 AM Saturday 5/24/08 til 2:00 PM Sunday 5/25/08.

Results can be found here:

I finished 10th. I picked a pretty poor route going through New York city at 1:00 PM. I should have gone the other way and done it early on Sunday morning on my way to the finish.

I did have a really nice Sunday ride all over Maryland and the Chesapeake bay area.

Here is what my route looked like according to the satellites. I started just ouside Hagarstown, MD, went up into Philly, NYC, Long Island, and into NJ where I rode the length of the Jersey shore in holiday traffic. After dark I headed into the pine barrons and woke up in Annapolis, MD around 5:30 AM and bagged about 20 more bonus's in MD.

Here is a close up of my route through NYC. I think it took me about 3 hours to go 20 miles.

I don't remember how many bonus's I got but I uploaded 68 digital images to the photo bucket for scoring. It was a busy day.


Tom Abello said...

what did you get for 10th?

chris w said...

A $53 charge on the ez-pass. I had 3 pages worth of charges for just this one weekend.

Tom said...

Yeah, NYC must have been a problem. Even if it's not rush hour you pay for that trip...