Thursday, June 12, 2008

2008 Minuteman 1000

The 2008 MM1K ran this weekend. Here's what my route looked like.

The big points went to the folks that went to the eight Ivy League colleges in the North East. Knowing I would'nt be able to get a winning score I decided to do a loop through northern VT, NH, and Maine.

I had a blast, they didn't.


Tom Abello said...

looks like a fun ride, Chris.

Was that your first time?

chris w said...

Hey Tom, That's the 3rd time I've run that rally. In 05 and 07 I got 3rd. I took myself out of the running for the win by selecting a route through Maine, but I was looking to have some fun and ride some good roads.

Tom A said...

That's the most important thing anyway, right?